About Us

Our Mission

“Commercializing and providing services which permits to support, strengthen and optimize the financial, tax and accounting structure, of our clients so permitting them to make accurate decisions.”

Our Vision

“Being recognized in the Colombian market as a strategic ally for the fulfillment of the legal and tax obligations of our clients, contributing to their development by means of efficient and quality solutions.”

Quality Policy

“In TRIBUTAR we endeavor to be a strategic ally for our clients and to achieve that we commit ourselves to continuously improve our processes and to maintain us updated to provide quality services in the areas of Transfer Prices, Tax Auditing, Accounting Outsourcing and Legal and Tax Advisory, in this way our clients may be sure both for the fulfillment of their formal obligations and for their satisfaction.”

Our Company

Located in the most vibrant point of the businesses in Bogotá, TRIBUTAR has a team of more than 30 professionals which consists of lawyers, accountants, financiers and engineers concentrated upon the legal and tributary practice. We execute the adequate management of legal and tax obligations of our clients by offering mainly the following services:

  1. Taxes
  2. Transfer Prices
  3. Audit and Tax Auditing under NIAS
  4. International Exchanges
  5. Tax Devolutions
  6. Tax Outsourcing

Each one of our services is adjusted to the requirements of our clients, preserving the quality and effectiveness that characterizes us.